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Why Gay Men Often Fetishize Straight Men

Why Gay Men Often Fetishize Straight Men

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Some psychologists think gay men’s obvious attraction to masculinity is due to a broad tendency for individuals to eroticize characteristics which can be distinct from their own—the “exotic becomes erotic” concept, as it is known. The fundamental concept is the fact that the people you feel many distinctive from in childhood get to be the target of one’s subsequent sexual tourist attractions, with sex non-conformers tending toward same-sex tourist attractions and gender conformers tending toward opposite-sex tourist attractions.

Evidence with this, however, is evasive. Additionally, there are various other feasible explanations. For instance, possibly homosexual men’s choice for masculinity comes from an sexfinder reddit over-all societal devaluing of femininity or internalized homophobia.

“Since many homosexual guys was raised in places where effeminacy ended up being devalued and masculinity had been privileged, it could be very nearly instinctual to dislike or feel disgusted by shows of effeminacy, ” claims brand brand New York-based sex therapist Zach Rawlings, who additionally identifies as homosexual and works together people in the LGBTQ+ community.

This description is sensible in light associated with the finding that attraction to masculinity is strongest among homosexual males whom see by themselves as masculine—many of whom also describe by themselves as “straight-acting. ” This implies that several of those dudes aren’t totally more comfortable with their particular sexuality.