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The Cameo Camper Renovation: Wiring a Vintage Camper From Scratch

The Cameo Camper Renovation: Wiring a Vintage Camper From Scratch

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Enhance: because this post, we discovered simple tips to change our 120V light that is accent become 12V. Take a look at tips on how to turn any 120V light to 12V for power cost savings!

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Please please please always be certain whenever you’re coping with electric you turn all your power off, wear the PPE that is appropriateindividual protective equipment) and make use of a dependable voltage meter to triple check that your particular energy is really down.

you won’t ever ever desire to find out of the way that is hard you guessed incorrect.

Though it was more focused on what/how we installed the fixtures and less chechen girls about the actual electrical hookup (because we failed and decided it was better for our sanity to sub it out to the pros) if you missed it, we recently shared how we wired the exterior electrical,. This post will be really detailed and stops working how we setup our whole electric system – the one which pulls coast energy from a campsite/house/generator, charges the battery pack and feeds capacity to every one of the electronic devices.